Monsterful VR is committed to inclusion, compassion, honesty, open lines of communication, organization and a strong work ethic. We listen carefully and value a collaborative approach to identifying problems and establishing creative solutions. With a drive to innovate and provide customized approaches that exceed clients’ expectations, Monsterful VR ‘s team is ready to lead.

Nickname: JB

Hometeam: Philadelphia Eagles

Most Likely To: Get a pilots license


Founder + CEO

Sports are in Jarett’s DNA… Literally. Jarett is the son of sportscaster Dave Sims and a lifelong athlete and sports fan. He has always been interested in pushing the limits of technology to discover new possibilities. As an innovative product company living at the nexus of sports and technology, Monsterful embodies Jarett’s vision. Prior to founding Monsterful, Jarett was VP of Product at HYPR. Over the years, he’s also enjoyed his work as a product manager, full-stack web developer and UI designer. It is Jarett’s love of sports and passion for technology and business that fueled the birth of Monsterful.

  • Pants-ed at sleepaway sports camp in front of the entire camp
  • Has never thrown up

Hometeam: Seattle Mariners

Most Likely To: Identify a Grammatical Error

Abby Sims

SVP Communications + Operations

Abby was a partner in, and operated, multi-site Physical Therapist owned New York sports physical therapy practices over the course of her 36-year clinical career. She had the pleasure of working with countless professional and recreational athletes as well as professional dancers and entertainers during that time. In addition, she presented at many medical conferences and founded and developed AthletiSense, a media coaching business for athletes that she operated with her husband, sportscaster Dave Sims. Abby has written a great deal on sports injuries, health and wellness, and brings a love of all things sports, business and communications to Monsterful’s leadership team.

  • When on her honeymoon a month before getting married
  • Met husband while interning for the New Jersey Nets. He was an NBA beat writer for the New York Daily News

Nickname: Dickie

Hometeam: LA Dodgers / Manchester United

Most Likely To: Set up a Slip N’ Slide in the office

Chris Dickerson

Director of Baseball Operations

Chris brings Monsterful a wealth of knowledge from the realm of all things baseball. During the later period of his eight-year Major League tenure as a player, Chris served as a Senior Advisor to the MLBPA Executive Director on programs, initiatives and negotiations related to MLB players and the business of baseball. In addition to his on field and MLBPA efforts, Chris is a founder of Players for the Planet, a foundation that brings professional athletes together to inspire communities to build awareness of the growing environmental crisis.

  • Classmates with actors Kirsten Dunst and Rami Malek as well as MLB shortstop Brendan Ryan
  • Major League Debut August 10, 2008 vs. Pittsburgh

Nickname: Jake

Hometeam: Boston Red Sox

Most Likely To: Be found making something … Anything

Jake Lee-High

Chief information officer

Jake is an experiential design professional who thrives at the junction of art, technology, and design. He is on a mission to create unique and memorable experiences, both commercial and artistic. By using the newest technology, along with his expertise in design, art and code, Jake creates spaces for consumers to build relationships with brands. Jake brings a wealth of experience to Monsterful and provides the technical piece necessary to develop the company’s VR, AI and AR platforms as well as establish and support product installations.

  • Worked on VR Cave systems before consumer VR was available
  • Has hypnotized 100’s of people
  • Loves pickles (even pickle ice cream)

Nickname: ‘Bubby’, ‘Big Eyes’, ‘T’

Hometeam: Green Bay Packers

Most Likely To: Throw an amazing party and not show up

Tiffany Adams

Business Operations Manager

Tiffany has a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Business Administration in Marketing, both from Seton Hall University. She joined Monsterful after 18 years in corporate America, and after having founded and led a successful real estate investment business. Tiffany is a lifelong sports fan with a newfound passion for emergent technologies. Her diverse background, entrepreneurial spirit and leadership mindset make her a perfect fit to direct Monsterful’s business operations and implement strategic processes.

  • Can eat two pounds of shrimp in one sitting
  • Loves to race cars; Member of Porsche’s Driving School

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