RibeeVR is Monsterful’s Virtual Reality baseball performance training technology. Valuable to players at all levels – from MLB and NCAA to High Schools and youth academies – RibeeVR delivers a clear competitive advantage. MLB players are able to train against pitchers they will face in upcoming games, while all hitters benefit from virtual reps against skill and age-matched live pitching. The outcome is enhanced success at the plate.

Pitch Recognition

Bat Speed

Strike Zone Awareness

Launch Angle

Swing and Miss Rate

Exit Ball Velocity

Reaction Time

Chase Percentage

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RibeeVR optimizes pitch recognition, strike zone awareness and reaction time, while minimizing the physical repetition of batting practice that can predispose to injury. The platform recreates the real physics of baseball, amasses a data set with each pitch/hit, and leverages AI to identify and exploit precise performance flaws. RibeeVR’s custom training modules, personalized practice plans and expert coaching videos transforms players weaknesses into strengths.

Coaches' Tablet


Pitch Trail


Swing Plane Optimization


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